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Based in the U.S. and China, the Panda Jin team has a mission to deliver world class educational, media, technology and innovation solutions to individuals, businesses and cities throughout the world.  We are curious, outside-the-box individuals with a passion for delivering innovative solutions that matter.

Zhen Ruan


Mr. Ruan established Panda Jin to provide a platform for the future economy. He has built a successful real estate portfolio of companies and provides the leadership and forward thinking for Panda Jin.

Sunny Ahn


Mr. Ahn has over 25 years of experience building and running  firms throughout the world.  He has been a successful investor entrepreneur, strategic adviser,  and executive in the technology, healthcare & education markets.

Dr. Eni Foo

Senior Advisor

Dr. Foo is a Senior Advisor to Panda Jin, with a wealth of experience in China and the US.  His educational and operating expertise of over 40 years is a tremendous asset to PandaJin's global mission.

OUR Team

World-class group of individuals with Global experience at building businesses.

Chris Foo

Chief Operating Officer
Before joining Panda Jin, Chris worked for several international companies in the US and throughout Asia. He brings a wealth of experience in operations and business development for over 25 years.